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Traveling with Flowers – A Testimonial From One Of Our Customers

I’ve been traveling across Europe, from Slovenia to Venice, with a group of women friends and it’s been wonderful. However, I’ve become a little self-conscious, realizing that many people may be reading this travel blog, people I know and people I don’t. I’m relieved by the fact that it will be edited, but I won’t go into the details on this, except to say that I’m still feeling self-conscious about the whole endeavor, edited or not.

After a morning of wine tasting in the beautiful mountains of Slovenia, my girlfriends and I picked flowers and prepared to get on the train headed for Italy. What a blessed life this is, all the beauty I’ve seen and all the beauty I have yet to see. I feel bad for those Americans who have never set foot outside of the United States, either because they are unable or uninterested. The beautiful things they are missing, the wonderful cultures, the art, the vistas, the wine, the amazing and open personalities I have come across in Europe, have taught me in just a few weeks what I would never learn in several lifetimes in America, with its cultural inhibitions and the psychological repression that stems from our society and way of life.

After the flower picking we go into swinging in harnesses with ropes and standing on the tops of poles. Then we went into a small town called Maribor, we purchased strawberries on the market and went back to the hotel. We had checked out the local art stenciling scene, admiring it before it began to pour rain.

After a long train ride, we soon found ourselves in the Venice fish market. For lunch I had bronzino and clams, Amy had San Pietro. All of it was finely cooked and very good. Then we went back to our hotel and went to sleep early, the heavy doses of wine taking its toll.

– Sharren from New York City